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How Laser Technology is Improving Veterinary Surgery

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) is an optoelectronic device that generates concentrated light rays. With laser surgery, the surgeon uses a laser beam rather than a scalpel to cut or remove tissue. The laser beam is highly focused and works efficiently, minimizing tissue damage and supporting faster healing times.  This is one […]

Written by prositesdentalDec 8 • 2 minute read

How to Kitten-Proof Your Home

If you’re considering adopting a new kitten, your focus will likely be on choosing a good name, getting all the supplies you need, and choosing the right vet for your new pet’s medical needs. However, one more important step you shouldn’t overlook is kitten-proofing your home. According to the ASPCA, there are five things you […]

Written by prositesdentalDec 1 • 3 minute read

When to Take Your Pet Bird to the Vet

When choosing the type of bird you want for a pet, there are several species to choose from. No matter the kind you choose, you will need to find a veterinarian experienced with avian care to help your new companion lead a happy, healthy life. Your vet is a valuable resource for advice, routine care, […]

Written by prositesdentalNov 24 • 3 minute read

Tips for Socializing Your New Puppy

When bringing home a new puppy, it’s important to take the time to help them become acclimated to their new environment. It’s also important to teach your new companion how to respond to unfamiliar people and situations. This process is commonly known as socialization. The main reason for socializing your puppy is to ensure they […]

Written by prositesdentalNov 17 • 3 minute read

Do Horses Need Companions?

Horses are beautiful, intelligent, obedient, and loyal animals. They provide incredible emotional support to their owners, but don’t fool yourself into thinking your company is enough for your horse. Horses need companionship. They like to be surrounded by other animals and tend to develop behavioral problems if they’re isolated for too long. Read on to […]

Written by prositesdentalNov 10 • 2 minute read

Signs of Fleas and How to Prevent Them

Fleas are no fun. Not for your pets, who can scratch and bite themselves raw trying to get relief. And certainly not for you, since you have to deal with occasional bites and the hassles of treating your pets and getting rid of the pesky pests in your home. Thankfully, the discomfort and annoyance of […]

Written by prositesdentalNov 3 • 3 minute read

What to Expect if Your Dog or Cat Needs a Dental Extraction

Dental extractions are a common veterinary surgical procedure. Whenever possible, vets will try to save an animal’s functional tooth, but there are times when a tooth is so damaged that removing it is the only way to maintain your pet’s optimal oral health and stop pain. Here is an overview of what you can expect if […]

Written by prositesdentalOct 27 • 2 minute read

Common Dog Training Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Training your dog is an important responsibility that will help your pet learn the skills they need to live safely and peacefully around humans and other animals. However, it’s easy to make mistakes when training your pup, which can lead to frustration and bad habits. The following are some of the most common dog training […]

Written by prositesdentalOct 20 • 2 minute read

How Do Parrots Mimic Speech?

Have you wondered how parrots can mimic human sounds while most other birds cannot? The answer may not be what you expect. While parrots are known for being highly intelligent compared to most animals, their mimicry owes more to their physical design. From an anatomical perspective, parrots have thick tongues that enable them to imitate […]

Written by prositesdentalOct 13 • 3 minute read

Cure Your Cat’s Boredom With Environmental Enrichment

Like humans, animals also need mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy. Cats are no exception in that regard. Your cat may be independent, but it still needs to be engaged. A bored cat is a frustrated cat that can be destructive to its surroundings – which, in this case, would be your home. Your […]

Written by prositesdentalOct 6 • 3 minute read

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